Richie's Beast-Like Rusty Chevy Tri 5 Makes the Sickest Burnouts Ever!

Tim Bearden! Or should we say Tim the Milkman! Have you ever heard this name? If you like hot rods and you enjoy spending time in car events then you probably have.

But for those who haven't yet, let us introduce him! Tim Bearden is a dedicated mechanic who attended car shows for most of his life. He asked William Burns, Dollar Bill, to be his cameraman and that's how hot rod madness, a series of videos about some badass hot rods, was born. He sincerely believes that every car has a story behind and he travels all across the country to let us hear these stories from the owners. In today's video, for example, we're checking out a rusty Chevy Tri 5 Rat Rod that he caught on his camera at the Atomic Blast Show which was held at Gulfport Dragway in Mississippi. This amazing car show offers attendees a chance to see some fantastic machines, including street rods, hot rods, customs, gassers and rat rods along with exciting contests, beer, food and good music. Watching the video, you're going to see and hear about Richie's mind-blowingly cool rat rod which is turned upside down professionally. He tells us about his nasty machine and lets us see it in full details. Then he performs a breathtaking burnouts show and makes the people amazed by his mechanical marvel. Whether you're a fan of rat rods or not, you must see this video!

Check it out and don't miss the chance to have some real fun!