The Tasmanian Devil: 1956 Chevy Pickup Looks Absolutely Brand New

Do you remember the cartoons you used to watch during your childhood? Do you remember the characters? Their clothes? Their voices? Their names? The Tasmanian Devil, for example?

Colloquially known as the Taz, the Tasmanian Devil is a Looney Tunes character designed by Robert McKimson and debuted back in 1954. Most of you will remember his ravenous appetite and the mini cyclone he creates every time he moves. In today's video, we're checking out something also called as the "Taz" and it's as cool as the Tasmanian Devil itself. It's a 1955 Chevy we're talking about! As you'll see in the video, this is an old pickup truck, but it looks like it just came out of the factory. It's wholly renewed, painted and cleaned for the show season. Now it's ready to catch all eyes on. It's renewed and restored from inside out. It's painted professionally in sweet shade of red and fitted with a cool flame pattern. Under the hood sits a very clean very powerful engine that will make the pickup drive smoothly on the streets.

Watch the video to see all the finest details this '55 Chevy got and enjoy the little surprise! You'll like it for sure!