Chevy / Gmc Cabover Truck

Here we are again with just another video that will make your day better! Let's start with America's love affair with Chevy trucks.

As a company originated in United States, the land of freedom and infinite opportunities, Chevrolet continues to build the world's one of the strongest and most preferred vehicle since the first day it was established and entered into market. The mutual love between Chevy trucks and American people is well known by other nations. Chevy trucks are also popular in other parts of the globe! In the video you will find right on this page, we're checking out a Chevy/GMC truck that goes beyond the limits of coolness. Running on a 6cc intercooled turbo diesel engine, this interesting piece of machinery not only looks extremely good but also sounds like a roaring lion. Can't even imagine how amazing this truck would look if it was restored professionally and went through some extensive treating processes. Do you love Chevy trucks? Yes? Then check out this a bit of distorted but still cool video to see a real truck and have fun! We guarantee that you will!