Moving an Antique ROE Truck Has Been a Real Adventure!

We people have a tendency to collect. We collect books, we collect art pieces, we collect lighters, newspaper, shoes, watches, countless things, but have you ever wondered where this tendency comes from? Why we do it?

Some of us collect things for their emotional values. Some of us collect things for economical reasons. Some does it for hobby. Some of us even have an excitement and passion for chasing certain things and for that they spend a considerable amount of time any money. Cars are among the most popular things to collect. In fact, there are thousands of private car collections worth of millions of dollars. As we said, this is a passion and there are often no rational explanations for passions. In today's video we present you with a great excitement, you are going to see the short story of an antique truck being moved from one place to another. The truck is so ancient that it looks like an object that was underground since the Roman times, but it is actually a very old REO truck that has ben sitting out there for 35 years. Taking it out where it sat for almost half a century has been a real adventure and you can see that thoroughly in today's video. It is weird to think how such a nice truck
ended up abandoned in the middle of forest, but it is good to see that there always ones to rescue. Real heroes!

Check out the video to witness an inspiring rescue video and have fun!