Ice Road Truckers

An unique cruise on the ice roads of Canada as these heavy trucks great performance, gorgeous look, high speed value.
Walk around, outside checking, action in motion, driving huge machines in every conditions all of them we can be face to face in this video.

Typically features the dangers and challenges faced by these truckers as they transport goods to remote communities and mining sites during the winter months when conventional roads are impassable. These challenges include navigating slippery and unpredictable ice, enduring extreme cold temperatures, and dealing with the isolation of remote locations. Some trucks introduced in this video are 1989 Pete Specs 379 600HP Cummin - Peterbilt, 1985 Freight Specs 3406B CAT - Freightliner.
The 1989 Peterbilt is a classic heavy-duty truck known for its power, reliability, design. Its timeless design and robust construction have made it a favorite among customers. This kind of vehicle offers impressive performance and towing capability, making it suitable for demanding applications such as long-haul trucking, heavy equipment hauling, and oversized load transportation.
1985 Freight truck equipped with a Caterpillar 3406B engine is a classic heavy-duty truck. Its engine was a popular for its robust design, reliability, and fuel efficiency. It was widely used in various heavy-duty applications, including long-haul trucking.

These trucks offered strong performance and towing capability, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks and operating conditions. If you are fond of heavy machines, its specifications this video might be interesting for you. Watch, enjoy and have a lot of nice moments!