Chevy 350 T56 Powered 1931 Model A Sedan Hot Rod Catches All Eyes On

We know that you love hot rods, we love them too and that's why we present various videos showing the coolest hot rods on the planet!

Today, we offer just another hot rod video to check out and have barrels of fun while watching it. In this particularly cool video, you're going to see an exquisite piece of advanced craftsmanship and brilliant machinery. It is a 1931 Model A Sedan hot rod with stunning details. It is powered by a Chevrolet 350 T56 six speed transmission engine. "The engine, transmission and rear end come from donor cars. The engine is a crate motor with desirable upgrades including an Edelbrock aluminum high rise intake manifold, aluminum water pump, Holley carburetor, MSD ignition and more. The body has been painted with a Ford metallic blue and sealed with a flat clear coat, giving a unique satin finish. With the 18" and 20" tall tires the Ford Racing 4.56 rear end gearing coupled with the T56 six speed transmission makes for great stoplight-to-stoplight and highway cruising" it says in the description of the video itself.

Watch the video to see the appealing look of this 31' Model A Sedan. Hope you like it!