2 Stroke Diesel, Over 2,000HP, Home Built Truck!

It is a story of SEMI truck by the owner shows us great and huge job on all the custom mechanical work. We can mention transformation and creating changing of truck which one guy made with his car. Have a look, walk around, ride and drive in this joyful video.

As we see that is GMC SEMI truck with 2 Stroke Diesel, 2,000 HP. This type of truck is popular model for long-haul trucking. Generally these trucks are produced for heavy-duty tasks, including long-distance hauling and transportation. Also this one is a custom truck and includes combined specialities and features. The vehicle is equipped by bigger injector for increase power stroke, so horsepower becomes more high. And we have a view how quick the truck owner can shift that modded 13 speed.

Have a gorgeous journey, ride and drive. And after some changing this SEMI truck is an able to take part in competitions, shows. If you are fond of huge vehicle as this it will be interesting for you to watch this video!