Build A Crazy Motorbike From Truck Wheels

The creative masterpiece of art, great engineering project with using huge truck wheels to construct a giant custom motorbike we can mention in this video. We can see whole work process step by step in all details, transformation in useful, own in its kind bike.

Building a motorbike using truck wheels is an ambitious and unconventional project that requires significant engineering skills, creativity, and resources. Truck wheels are much larger and heavier than typical motorbike wheels, which presents unique challenges in terms of design, balance, and functionality. The exact custom made parts. From the stone age fire lighting to generation of space age engineering. It must be need to fabricate custom axles to fit the truck wheels to the bike frame. Also we see an installation a robust braking system capable of stopping the heavier bike efficiently. Disc brakes are recommended.

Building a motorbike using truck wheels is a complex and challenging project that requires careful planning, precise engineering, and extensive testing. Safety should be your top priority throughout the process. With the right resources it possible to create a unique and functional motorbike. Watch the process, enjoy and share with your friends!