Man Builds Amphibious Vehicle From Old Car Parts

The huge process of construction amphibious vehicle with using different automotive parts and create own custom, special transport vehicle we can mention in this video. There were taken bunch of scraps from variety vehicles and turns into amphibious one.

Amphibious vehicles are versatile transport vehicles capable of operating both on land and in water. These vehicles have a wide range of applications, including military, rescue, recreational, and commercial uses. It was equipped 2001 Peugeot Partner engine and tests. The process of building the machine including cleaning, oil filtration, polishing, restoration, modification of some parts. Also used hydraulic parts. Plasma cutting was developed as an alternative to oxy-fuel cutting and can be performed under water. And in result the vehicle completely ready for long test ride.

The using area of this machine type, as we see the amphibious vehicles are a fascinating blend of automotive and marine engineering, providing unique capabilities that are essential for various military, emergency, recreational, and commercial applications. Watch this video, enjoy and share with your friends!