Special Scooter Designed to Make you Drink and Ride at the Same Time

There comes some points in life that you all stressed and depressed under the pressure that work, family life, politics, economy and all annoying things put on your shoulders.

At such points, you just want to relieve all the things that make you feel uncomfortable and relax as much as possible. The solution for most of us when we feel upset or tense is to take some alcohol to relax our nerves and to sooth ourselves. Some find the solution to spend some time on their hobbies while some go for music and art. For those who choose alcohol and their hobby to relax, today's video shows something very special. This is a beer-giving scooter that is equipped with a refrigerated beer barrel. It simply means that you can always enjoy an ice-cold glass of beer while having a cool ride on the streets. What an invention, right? Everyone would like try this interesting mechanism that is designed to make you feel better on many ways. We know so many people who would pay thousands for this cool toy! Maybe you are one of them!

See this video to take a look how beer-giving scooter works and enjoy!