Mother of All COE Trucks: Massive GMC Cab Over Engine Truck Project

Great project got named Mother of COE trucks shows us in this video. Cab over Engine truck took place an order from one customer, and in result was made this massive COE with a 3208 Cat diesel.

It includes an Allison transmission which specified this car performance. COE means Cab Over Engine, which use to a truck design where the driver sits above the engine. It's a usefully and nice restored truck with every appearance of being well keep up. We can see eye catching truck on its orange and white coloring, Mother lettering paint in front of car, large motor power system, specific features. Some like this car as the finished and ready for use construction we can mention usually after own restoration.

Big transformation and modification project introduced us in this video. And if you fond of like same cars as trucks, trailers and their construction as ready to use vehicle it'll be interesting for you.

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