Check Out This Tremendous Rotary Snow Plow Returning to Donner Pass

On this website, we're present you the coolest machines on the planet. Here's one! As some of you know already too well, a rotary snow plow is a type of snow plowing equipment featuring a large and circular set of blades placed on its front end.

The blades rotate and cut through the snow. It was invented in Canada where winters are harsh, really harsh. The rotary snow plow is critical for places with severe climate conditions and these places include the Donner Pass, a mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevada, California. In today's video, we're checking out a tremendous rotary snow plow that is tasked with cleaning the snow-covered Donner Pass. It's a hard task for sure, but this rotary snow plow has a knack for it. It is one of the most powerful products of Union Pacific and it works hard during the winter to keep the roads cleaned and ready for you to use. The way this massive machine plows the snow and cleans the road is absolutely satisfying.

Check out the video to see how it functions. You'll enjoy it!