Boss-Like Mega Trucks Prove Themselves on Pulling Contest

There's no accounting for taste. Let's take cars for example. How is your taste in cars? Which type of cars are your favorite?

Some like it only functional. Some like it luxurious. Some like it expensive. So like it low-priced. Some like it black. Some like it red. Some like it small, some like it big. Today, we're checking out the ones who love their cars big, extremely big! The video we specially choose for you to check out today demonstrates us some badass mega trucks performing a breathtaking show during the Truck Night at Miller's Tavern. The show includes wheel standing, sled pulling, popping wheelies and staying in bounds. The show is for a pulling contest and they try to prove themselves! Wouldn't be amazing to be there to see these monstrous mega trucks in person? It would for sure! The mega trucks are powered by some super strong engines, including a Big Block Chevy 632 cubic inch engine and a Big Block Ford 512 cubic inch engine that really roars. If you want to make your day better then don't waste even a second and check out today's video till the very end.

See these boss-like mega trucks, watch their exciting shows, leave your comment below and enjoy!