Millionaire Gives Away Fortune and Starts Living in a VW Van

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari! Most of you know this book already too well! This is the world's one of the most popular motivational novels by Robin Sharma.

This wonderful book tells us the story of a successful lawyer, Julian Mantle, who sold his property and Ferrari to travel to Himalayan Mountains to reach a spiritual satisfaction. The book is about dreaming, imagining, pursuing the passion and reaching up the potential. Today, we present you a very similar story! This is a real story that also includes a Ferrari. Mazzi Dumato, 38, is a millionaire businessman who gave away his fortune to help the people in need. Spending his life in a meaningless luxury, Dumato made a horrible crash in his brand new Ferrari and he had a near-death experience that dramatically changed his life. The accident completely changed the way he looks at the world and others then he decided to switch on a VW Van life! A switch from the playboy life of $150,000 Ferraris to living in a battered VW camper van! If you were in his shoes, would you do the same?

Watch today's inspirational video to learn more about the interesting story of this brave man and hear the details of Van Life!