Chevy 350 Powered Geo Tracker

Think about a car that has everything on it. We mean everything from big patterns to giant engine. We don't know what you exactly imagine on your mind but, today we present you a video that shows such a car!

This is technically a Geo Tracker, but of course not an ordinary one! Nothing is ordinary on this website. As known already too well, the Geo Tracker is a small sports utility vehicle designed and built by Suzuki for General Motors from 1989 to 2004. The badass Geo Tracker you're going to see in the video went through an extensive modification process which ends up amazing. It runs on a Chevy 350 engine which pops out of the hood like a monstrous ivy. This absolute beauty is a show stopper and grabbed all the attention Slammin and Jammin Car Show in Lebanon, TN. The paintjob is the real highlight of this insane Geo Tracker. It may seem way too crowded at the first glance, but this is the deal.

Watching the video you can see every single detail about this perfectly built Geo Tracker. Click on the play button, see the glory of this Geo Tracker and make your day good!