20HP Fairbanks Morse Model N Gas Engine Still Runs With its All Glory!

Fairbanks Morse! Have you ever heard of a company called like that?

You probably have if you're even a little bit interested in engines. As a US-based manufacturer of various types of engines Fairbanks Morse have developed and still is developing engines, power systems and microgrids since the 1800's. It is the very first company to market gasoline engines. Fairbanks Morse takes its power from the people who are the professionals working for the company and the satisfied customers happily using the products. In today's video that is attractive enough to hit more than one million views, we're checking out an outstanding product of Fairbanks Morse. It's a 20HP Fairbanks Morse Model N gas engine rescued by Alan James. As reported, it came from Alaska, where it powered the telegraph station along the Yukon River. James deeply restored it in 2003 and then sold it to the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks. The engine weighs about 10,000 and functions perfectly. It's great to see such glorious engine sounds like a roaring lion.

Watch today's video till the end, take a closer look at this Fairbanks Morse Model N gas engine, enjoy the sound and leave your comment below!