Fancy Mustang Shelby Vs Simple Combine Harvester!

Drag races are one of most favorable things that auto-lovers like to do and watch.

These are basically races where cars, usually two, race on a straight line. The rule is simple: go faster and cross the line first. There is one more rule about the race: fairness. As any other race, drag races are also regulated with some concerns about fairness. A van races with another van while a muscle car can race with another muscle car as expected and as it should be. To spice up the race and make it more attractive, cars from different categories can also compete each other like a pickup against classic. Barcrofts cars, however, takes such contrast between the cars in a drag race a step further and brings a fancy Mustang against a Combine harvester. It may sound crazy; it is for real! We are sure none of you have ever wondered what happens when you put a traditional Combine Harvester on the same racing line with a 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 running on a 250 bhp V8, a true monster! But, here's the answer.

Check out the video to be the witness of the world's one of the weirdest but coolest races ever!