Making Emergency Spare Key Using Just Simple Tools

Do you know what to do when you're locked out of your house, warehouse or garage? Watch the video and learn how to make an emergency spare key by using just simple tools.

Start by holding the original key over a flame. If you're worried about burning your fingers then you can hold the key with a pair of gloves. When it get a nice black coating as shown in the video then place it down to let it cool. Next, you need to take a strip of tape and stick it onto the key to take a print again as shown in the video. Carefully peel it off and you should have an exact copy of the key. Next, you're gonna take a lid from a can of food and lay it on the table. Then, take your tape and stick it onto the lid. Then using a sharp pair of scissors carefully cut out the key. Do be careful to not to cut yourself. And here is your own emergency spare key! This key will be thinner than the original so be careful while using it, you don't want to bend or snap it.

Check this amazingly brilliant video and maybe you want to try it for yourself!