Monster-Like Mud Truck Climbs on Huge Hill Like a Pro!

Have you ever seen or driven a mud truck. No? It's not a type of vehicle that we're used to see everyday driving down the streets.

It's not a type of vehicle that the guy next door drives to work or you drive to pick up the kids from school. It's very rare to see it in the local traffic. Like for anything else, there are dedicated enthusiasts of mud trucks who enjoy spending time with and on them. They even gather together regularly in organized events to celebrate their passion for mud trucks. Watching today's video, you're going to witness one of these gatherings. The video, which got more than one million views, shows us a monster-like Ford Diesel mud truck and its skillful driver trying to climb on a hill. As you can predict, this is not an easy peasy lemon squeezy job to do! It's challenging, it's dangerous, it's risky, but it' satisfying if it's done right. In the video, the mud truck not only climbs the hill, but also climbs it reversely.

Check out the video to see if the driver manages to climb on the huge hill successfully and let us know what would you do and feel if you were the driver!