Big Block Chevy Dually Powered Truck Ruined by Its Driver!

Have you ever imagine owning your own badass truck and spending long hours driving it down the streets like there's no tomorrow!

Some of us don't need to imagine such thing! They already own a badass truck, they already have the chance to drive it, but some of these lucky people choose to waste their trucks instead of treating them like a precious piece of diamond. In today's video, we're checking out such a case! In today's video which is filmed during a weird competition, we're going to see a very cool truck powered by a Big Block Chevrolet Dually being wasted by its driver. The driver tries so hard to make the truck climb on a hill, but he keeps failing as the engine is not powerful enough. It's so sad to see such a nice truck ruined without any reason. Think about how much fun you can have with this monstrous truck. To bad it's now ruined.

Check out today's video to see how unfortunate this Big Block Chevy powered truck really is and let us know what you think about the driver in the comments!