Brilliant Lady Transformed $1,900 1978 Dodge Commander into a Dreamy Camper

Who said auto stuff is for men? It's for women, too! Everything, including cars, gets better with the touch of a woman and we're seeing a strong proof for this very statement.

In today's video, shared by a popular YouTube channel Tiny Home Tours, you're going to see a gorgeous and apparently skillful lady who transformed a $1,900 vintage camper into an incredibly nice tiny house on wheels. It's a vehicle that you all would like to spend at least a couple minutes in it. These minutes would be priceless for sure. As she tells us in the video, this vehicle is originally a 1978 Dodge Commander and she spent a year and three months to bring it back to life then to convert it into a real treasure. The '78 Commander now looks like a dreamy house from the inside. It has everything one can need. A functional kitchen with all tools and stuff, a comfortable bed with a cute cat lying on it, a folding dining table, wardrobe with trendy clothes, cabinets, drawers, shelves and even wall decorations. This brilliant lady shows us nothing is impossible with imagination, ingenuity and perseverance. She dreamed about it she worked for it she did it now she enjoys it!

Check out the video to see this amazing tiny house on wheels and thumbs up for this great project!