Inspired by Sci- Fi and Comic Book Parker Brothers Builds the Words Most Unique Machines

Inspiration comes all of a sudden. At least, it was the case for brothers Marc and Shanon Parker. Bprn and raised in South Carolina these two cool brothers learned thinking creatively at a very early age.

Lacking of opportunities and enough funding, they found brilliant ways to built mesmerizing cars. They started with bicycles in their one-car garage and now they built unique machines in a fifteen thousand square facility, looking at the things around with abroad and crystal clear perspective. Even with limited funds, they managed to find inspiration from their deep passion for sci-fi and started their own company, Parker Brother Concepts, where they dream big and build bigger. They always have been science-fiction and comic book fanatics. Who thought it will be the source of their work? Their story is a strong proof that determination can make wonders. Accompanied with a professional team, they imagine, design and built some matchless and outrageous street-legal cars for Hollywood and TV shows. The machines the built are beyond the thinkable. They're so unique that only a master mind can design such things. In the video, you can see these two genius brothers telling about their inspirational story and displaying their one-of-a-king machines.

Watch the video to see how imagination brings success and start dreaming bigger!