How to Make Bigfoot Bike/Fatbike

We can mention the story of a usual bicycle transformation and modification into a high wheels creative fatbike. Great job by its owner, working process in details and in result we can see this gorgeous masterpiece in motion, action in riding.

Well done a long haul work of reconstructing brings a creative running pedal vehicle for off-road ride. How hard it must be to push this thing. For example if trying to ride this bike with monster tires up a small hill only and struggling mightily to get up. Assuming the frame made can handle the extra torque and stress, that bike needs a huge brake upgrade. But really fabulous creation of work. It has not so high speed value but its able to run, ride and drive.

Have a joyful trip with this modified spectacular two wheels fatbike with on road performance, turns, unique view. Take a lot of admirable and nice moments watching this catching breath video. Check out, enjoy and share with your friends!