Full Restoration 40 Years Old Ruined Classic Motorcycle

Great engineering project, huge transformation process of changing 40 years old Honda CL 70 with restoration and creation a new modified motorcycle. We can watch whole work in details, step by step explanations, cleaning, bleaching, painting, using devices, and in result mention running this unique, workable real piece of art.

As we know this type of Honda motorcycle had a lightweight frame, was capable of reaching speeds nearly 50 mph (80 km/h), making it suitable for both off-road trails and city streets. Also known for its reliability, ease of maintenance, and versatility. Nearly a half century from its producing we see that rusty, ghost like frame, belching smoke and coming briefly to life is so wondering for huge job. All parts of motorcycle were transformed, frame was restored, some pieces were changed.
This gorgeous masterpiece - both the restoration and the animation.

Well done work, real craftsmanship, restoring the history, bring us nostalgic charm of this vintage Honda motorcycle. If you are fond of classic motorcycle, its transformation this video might be interesting and useful for you. Watch, enjoy, have a lot of joyful moments!