Old Technology Was Gold Technology: Steam Tractor Runs Perfectly on the Field!

2000's! The information age, the digital reform, revolt against the nature and expanding knowledge!

It's indisputable that modern age and technology brought us countless developments, opportunities and advancements that are now irreplaceable for us. Most of us can't imagine a life without them! But, technology was also good and fruitful back in old days. You know what they always say! Old is gold! Well, it really is and today we present you a proof for that! What you're going to see watching today's video is an amazing product of good old days. It's a steam tractor with a breathtaking performance! The video shows us even small parts of the tractor and how it runs on the field. Isn't it great to see such an old machine function like a brand new one? It is, for sure!

Click on the play button to see the way this steam tractor works, appreciate the old technology and let us know what do you think about it in the comment below!