This is How They Transport Tremendous Yachts!

Have you ever seen a yacht? Have you ever been on one, or have you ever wondered how a yacht is brought by the sea and launched? Do you know how they load it?

The answers for these questions would be "No!" for many of you. Yachts are not like cars, you know! You can't see them every day on the roads or on the sea. Not all of us can afford to buy a yacht. Then why not enjoying them through our screens? In today's video that hit almost three million views, we're checking out some super cool yachts being hauled by heavy haulage trucks. Named "Pershing 8X", "66 Ribelle" and "MCY 70", these are huge yachts, requiring a serious process of loading and transporting. The haulage trucks used for the transportation of yachts are so big and long that their drivers have to pay great attention while driving. As you'll see in the video, they perform an exceptional driving performance. Building the factory closer to the water would be a wise solution, but who cares!

Drivers handle the situation perfectly. Watch the video to see these three gigantic yachts being transformed on some insanely big haulage trucks and pay your respects to the