The 'Gothic' 1930s Ford With 450HP

We have a look of 1930s Ford in this video. This is a classic custom car which was modified by its new owner. The process of transforming and changes was during three years of great work, in result this vehicle can be able for riding and driving.

As we know this type of car has a vintage, classic style and featured with its own specialities. And as being a custom car also brings some special for it details. Ford Gothic is related to a specific niche or modified vehicle. It was equipped with V8 engine, has 450 hp, length 12 ft, top speed 130 mph. And a car performance became more high, increased speed value. The exterior seems elegant in its sleek black coloring. Workmanship looks spot on. The design of car is stylish, accurate, seems so extravagant.

Have a pleasant journey to 1930s with custom Ford Gothic, modified process, use the opportunity to see like this special vehicle. If you are fond of classic cars and their transformation this video might be useful for you. Watch, enjoy and have joyful moments!