Owner Tells How He Managed to Make His 1940 Ford COE Truck Look So Perfect!

Founded by Henry Ford, an American entrepreneur of great influence, more than a century ago, Ford Motor Company is a multinational automaker that produces millions of automobiles, luxury vehicles, muscle cars, pickup trucks and SUVs each year.

It has billions of net incomes, countless quarters in each continent, thousands of dedicated workers and millions of satisfied customers. Machines designed and built by this world-famous company drive on the streets of every country. Some of these machines, whether old or newly built, are much more famous than the others. Some of them even became a legend and 1940 Ford COE truck is definitely one of them. It's so iconic that almost every custom shop have their own Ford COE that they built with a great enthusiasm. In today's video which we present you proudly, you're going to see an amazingly built 1940 Ford COE truck that shines bright like a perfect black mirror. In the video, the lucky owner of this '40 COE truck answers the questions of the host and tells us about how he managed to make this truck look such cool. It's obviously not a simple task to do. You may not be a fan of COE trucks but we guarantee that you'll like this one!

Check it out and have some fun!