Pigeon Forge Rod Run Street Machine Will Take Your Breath!

When you hear a sweet engine sound and then see a guy wearing mirror sunglasses, you can be sure that you're gonna have some real fun!

Because these mean that it's a video from ScottieDTV. YouTube's one of the coolest channels dedicated to street cars. Scottie, the owner and host of the channel, travels all across the U.S, visits the country's most prestigious car events and films the best street machines he sees. We love watching his video and we know that you do too! Today, we present you just another video from this amazing channel with tens of thousands of subscribers from all round the globe. Watching it, you're going to see a full custom hot rod caught on camera at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, an exciting show that draws car enthusiasts from all over the U.S to participate extremely enjoyable events. We don't have even a tiny idea about the model or type of this outstanding machine, but who cares! What we know for sure is that it looks fascinating.

Check out the video to see and hear all the details about this fantastic machine, enjoy it and leave your comment down below!