Elite Gentleman Tells About 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Hot Rod of the Blackhawk Museum

The Blackhawk Museum was established back in 1988 under the name Behring Auto Museum.

During the very first years of existence, it was the house of over a hundred unique automobiles varying in age from the dawn of motor vehicles to the rise of modern era. Having its place in the California's east bay, at the foot of Mount Diablo, it soon became the world's most remarkable car museums, gathering hundreds of thousands of visitors all together each year. The museum is not only about cars,
; it also includes various displays, exhibitions and galleries about art, science, nature, history and culture.

Through exhibitions and programming, the museum engages and educates the visitors. In the video we proudly present you on this page today, you're going to see a gentleman telling us about a splendid looking 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Hot Rod that is belong to the collection of Blackhawk Museum. Running on a 450HP LS engine, this particular Lincoln has all the features that hot rod enthusiasts are looking for. Watch the video with a great attention , listen to the gentleman telling us about the history and details of this amazing piece of machinery and you'll enjoy. The Blackhawk Museum offers you hundreds of magnificent cars all together.

Don't miss this chance, visit the museum and feast your eyes all of those mechanical beauties