It's the VW Beetle Day! Detailed Restoration and Funny Compilation of Volkswagen Beetle Pickups

Here's just another worth-to-see video from YouTube's one of the coolest and popular channels devoted to detailed restoration processes and projects of numerous vehicles from all corners of the world.

As we said it before, restoration means everything for the automotive industry. We can't let old cars die in barns; we can't let them decay under thick layers of rust and dust. We have to save them and turn them back into their glorious days when they were shining and impressing the eyes looking at them. They're precious and we need to protect them. As most of you will immediately agree, seeing vehicles, the old ones in particular, being restored often by a professional team gives an odd but definitely sweet satisfaction to us. That's why we love watching restoration videos. In today's video, shared by My Passions, you're first going to see the restoration process of a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup and then a fantastic compilation of Beetle Pickups. It's the VW Beetle day, everyone!

Lean back and try to enjoy it!