1950 GMC Pickup Truck with Bright Blue Paint Nickel Details and Exceptional Interior

The Street Rod Nationals, organized annually by National Street Rod Association (NSRA), is the largest and by far the coolest street rod gathering on the planet.

Each year, numerous vehicles of 1988 and earlier manufacture appear all together in one single place, offering enthusiasts a dreamy paradise on earth. In today's video, you're going to see a badass machine that caught on camera of the cool host of ScottieDTV, one of our favorite channels on YouTube, while it was on display at the 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals. It's 1959 GMC pickup muscle truck that shines with class and glory. As you stare at this magnificent truck, the first thing that will catch your attention will be the bright blue paintjob. Apart from the professionally made paintjob, the chrome details are also eye-catchingly beautiful. They give the pickup an exquisite look. The interior is fully custom and surprisingly white. This contrast is one of the highlights that make this muscle pickup cooler than any of its counterparts.

Watch the video to take a detailed look at it and leave your comment below!