Coyote Swapped VW Bus

We meet 1957 Volkswagen Bus - the story of construction by the owner in details, full explanations of building from frame up to roof with its specialities and features. This bus transformed and modified from different configuration. Have an enjoyable trip on city roads, watch the bus performance, great engine sound.

Looking to the vehicle specialities the 1957 Volkswagen Bus symbolizing freedom, adventure, and communal living. This year bus introduction characterized the production as a more reliable, comfortable, and versatile. This bus equipped with an engine swap with an American V8, Coyote engine, huge power which characterized with fuel economy. The exterior has an unique sleek blue coloring, low wheeler design, nice up-open front and back windows. The interior equipped with comfortable driver and passenger seats and has enough area for driving. Also has minimalistic dashboard which suitable to use. Have the cruise around the city, watch bus performance, speed value.

This type of bus 1957 Volkswagen Bus is real built of something different, the custom art. The vehicle timeless design, practicality, and sense of adventure featured this unique and special bus. Take a look, walk around, ride and drive, have a lot of catching breath moments and enjoy this video!