Compilation of Mega Truck Hitting the Big Jump at Perkins Mud Bog Spring Sling

Do you enjoy compilation videos? We do and we're sure you do, too! That's exactly why we keep sharing them.

Today, we present you just another compilation video. Watching it, you're going to see some cool Mega Trucks hitting the big jump and hoping for the best result at Perkins Mud Bog Spring Sling, Howell, Michigan. These are some cool jumps for sure! The video is filmed during a special show, in which 14 different states are represented with a mega truck trying to hit the big jump. That's not exactly a competition, but an enjoyable event that gathers hundreds of people all together to have some fun. Attending such a fun event and spending some quality time with family and friends would be an unforgettable activity.

We need more event like this one! Watch the video to find out which of these fantastic mega trucks is the best and be ready to have some real fun!