A Rare Treasure: Zvezda M503 63-Liter V12 Diesel First Start

When it comes to engineering we always say that Germans are the best. They are for sure, but Germany is not the only country that is advanced in the manufacture of engines.

There are some other successful countries, too and Russia is just one of them. Russia as the land of insanely brilliant people is the home for countless machines, including logging trucks, military trucks, submarines, tanks and of course, engines. As you'll also agree, engine is what makes a vehicle worthwhile. The outer design, paintjob, interior materials can be all good, but if a vehicle does not have the right engine it's nothing but a piece of trash that deserves to be a rotten in a junk yard. In today's video, we're checking out an exact opposite engine: Zvezda M503! Most of you probably haven't heard such an engine before! Well, it's a very popular one, but all we can say confidently is that you won't forget it after watching the video. It is technically a 42 cylinder Diesel radial engine built in the 1970's by the Soviet Union. It's so huge that it weighs 1200 kilograms. It's hard to imagine the vehicle that can handle it.

Check the video to take a look at this very rare treasure and leave your comment down below!