Old but Gold: Liberty V-12 Boat Engine

Since humankind's very first attempts to design and build an engine, there has been countless different machines, vehicle and engines, some of which have changed the course of time and brought humanity into a new level of existing.

These machines and vehicles vary from to simplest ones to the most complicated ones. During war eras, the invention and development of vehicles has made a great move. Although the motivation behind such big moves of development and new designs were destructive, we can confidently say vehicles from war eras are one of the strongest vehicles that have ever been built. In today's video, we're checking out an engine from World War I: the Liberty Engine. This exquisite engine was America's most remarkable contribution to the global aeronautical technology during the war years. Co-designed by several significant designers, the Liberty engine was produced to equip a U.S combat aircraft. It's technically 27 litre, water-cooled V12 engine. In today's video, you're going to see an insanely fast boat powered by a Liberty engine. The engine is so powerful that boat sounds like an earthquake. It is music to enthusiasts' ears.

Watch the video to see the beauty and power of this Liberty powered boat and have fun!