1:1 Scale Real Size "Human" R/C Will Blow Your Mind!

How many times you felt surprised today? Once? Twice? More than that or not even once?

Whether you are already surprised or not, the video we proudly present you right here today will drop your jaws and leave you speechless. What you're going to see when you hit the play button is a man in military uniform, wearing a helmet and carrying two turning wheels above his shoulders. But, this is not an ordinary man, of course. This is actually not a man. It's only a real size model of a man. Here on this website, we have seen countless R/Cs, but we have never seen a 1:1 scale human model being radio controlled by a 1:1 scale real human. It's a Duocopter with KK 2.15 Flightboard and powered by 2 x 250kv engines. Imagine operating such an R/C and making your neighbors scared out of their wits. It would be an unforgettable moment both for you and for them. If you want to make your day better and get some real fun then don't hesitate even for a moment and check out today's video. It's one of the coolest videos we have seen this year.

Be ready to have fun and watch the video!