Totally Unexpected: Poor Driver Ends Up in an Epic Fail!

Driving is not for everyone! This is what we believe and this is what we say confidently. The video we offer you to check out today will make you believe in it too.

Here on this website, we've shared so many fail videos, but this one is particularly worth to see. When you click on the iconic play button, you're going to see a cool white pickup truck attached with a boat behind it by the side of an icy lake. Water is only 3ft deep where the ice ends. Reportedly, this are is kept open by the bubblers while the rest of the lake is frozen solid. The driver tries really hard to launch the boat. He puts some serious effort for it, but the boat falls off. His effort to launch ends up in a totally unexpected way that will drop your jaws. Who thought that could happen!

Check out the video till the last seconds, see what happens there, be ready to be surprised and let us know if you think this is a fail or not!