Restoration of Very Rust and Very Old Water Wheel

Most of us know the "rust" as a reddish brown substance that occurs on the surface of metals, but have you ever thought what it is actually? If you have not yet, let us explain!

Rust as a form of iron dioxide is a chemical compound that simply formed when iron and oxygen are exposed to water or air moisture. When you get a new product made out of iron, it looks attractively shiny. As time goes on, however, it gets covered by a layer of rust and looks worn-out, indicating that it is out of function and clearly dangerous for the health. Using proper techniques and equipment, it is possible to get rid of the rust before the iron product is in the last stages of corrosion. In the video we present you here on this page today, we're checking out a restoration process. It is the restoration of a very rusty and apparently very old water wheel. Watching the video, you can see every step of the process in full detail. After watching it by paying attention, we guarantee that you will be able to restore a rusty water wheel.

Check out the video till the last second and see the satisfying result! This is what we call a restoration!