1955 Manta Ray: Weird or One of a Kind?

Think about all the cars you have seen so far! You have seen thousands of them, but which were the most memorable ones? Which were the most beautiful of them?

Do you remember them in full detail? Can you describe them? During our lifetime, we see countless vehicles of all types, muscle cars, luxury cars, trucks, trailers and so on. But, only very few of these vehicles were good to be remembered after a long time. Now, we ask you to remember the weirdest vehicle you have ever seen. How was it? Was it factory or custom built? Which part of it was making it weird? In today's video, which is a very interesting one, we're checking out a weird, literally weird, car. It's a 1955 Manta Ray that looks like nothing you've ever seen. It is the one and only example of a car that two aircraft designers put together of their own original design. In the video, some cool guys take a close look at this one of a kind vehicle, letting us see it in detail.

Watch the video with attention, see how weird but beautiful this Manta Ray is and leave your comment down below!