COE Beauty That Comes in Three!

As some of you know already too well, COE is short for Cabin Over Engine. This term is commonly used to describe trucks with such structure.Even though we see hundreds of trucks everyday on the roads and streets, it's not that common to see a COE.

In the past years, especially in the 70's, the roads were full of COEs, but nowadays we don't see them often as almost all of them have been
replaced by the ones with the classic design. Custom shops, however, still keeps to build COEs and they're literally amazing!In today's video, we're checking out not one but three COE trucks. These
COEs are all built with an outstanding professionalism. Every single detail about them is beyond perfection, inluding the structure, interior design, paintjob, wheels, rims, steering wheels and so on. Imagine packing your goods and hitting the road with one of these COEs to an unknown destination. How inspiring and unforgettable would be this journey!

If you're a fan of trucks, COEs in particular, then you should check this video! You'll like it and you won't regret it!