8.71 Blown BBC Powered Custom Built Chevy C10 is an Exception!

Some people have a tendency for trucks. They love trucks in every aspect you can imagine.

They love looking at them, they love driving them, they love spending time with them, and they even love hearing them run! If you're one of those enthusiastic people then you can easily appreciate this deep fondness so we don't have to explain it in detail. For such lovers of trucks, we're regularly presenting videos to watch and enjoy. Checking our website on a daily basis, you can find lots of amazing videos about the coolest trucks can ever be found on the internet. Here's one for you! Hitting the play button, you're going to see an exquisite truck: a custom built Chevrolet C10 that runs on a 8.71 Blown BBC engine. At the very first glance you take on this splendid truck, you'll say "Wow, such beauty!" It's not an ordinary truck you can see everyday driving on the streets of your neighborhood. It's something exceptional. We, honestly, would pay a good deal of money to spend a day with this charming machine. Sadly, it's neither for sale nor for rent.

Watch the video to see this super clean super cool truck with a sweet engine sound and don't forget to leave your comment below!