1960 Jaguar Mark II Rescued From Underwater Like a Hero!

Have you ever heard of something called underwater archaeology? It's field of archaeology that reveals the archaeological wonders hidden underwater.

Archaeologists dives, searches about archaeological sites and artifacts on the surface of the seas and discover new facts about history. What we're going to see in today's super enjoyable video is something very similar. Shared by Adventure with Purpose, a YouTube channel dedicated to scuba-diving, treasure hunting and caring for environment, this video shows us a cool man exploring the Willamette River to rescue a 1960 Jaguar Mark II. We don' have an idea how long the Jaguar has been underwater. The Jaguar comes out of water in a very bad condition. Seeing such a gorgeous machine in such a poor condition will hurt the enthusiasts, but this bad condition can turn to be good. A professional and detailed restoration is what it needs. A professional team, some hardwork, some time and of course, some money will make it look better than ever. Watch the video to feel the excitement that mounts while the Jaguar is getting out of water, see how it looks and let us know what you think about this treasure hunting!

Now, hit the play button, check out the video and have some fun!