The World's Baddest Tractor Puller Gonna Blow Your Mind

Each year, month, week, day or minute, people come together for a purpose. Sometimes they do it reluctantly, but sometime they gather together willingly.

Think about the nerve-wrecking company meetings and how stressful people feel during them. Then, think about the car events and how excited people feel during these enjoyable gatherings. In today's video, we're checking out such an event where people feel extremely happy and excited. Watching this video, you're going to see a tractor pulling event that attracts hundreds of enthusiasts. Tractor pulling, also called as power pulling, is a motor sport widely popular in the United States and Canada. During tractor pulling events, heavily modified tractors pull a huge sled along a 35 foot wide, 330 foot long track. Tractor pulling competitions take place on a 100 metre track, and involve the machines pulling a weight transfer sledge Today's video shows us the most wanted tractor puller in the world. You may ask why this is the most wanted tractor puller. Well, you have to watch the video to find out. This is the baddest tractor puller we've ever seen!

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