Nauti-Craft's Ingeniously Designed 2Play Marine Suspension Prototype: A Truly New Impulse in Marine Technology

"A radical departure from naval architecture principles" it says in its official website about the ultra-cool creation you're going to see right in the video below!

Designed, developed and introduced by the Nauti-Craft, which is an accomplished innovative R&D company based in Western Australia, this brilliant marine suspension technology brings a new and fresh impulse to the ever-growing vessel- manufacturing industry. This patented technology, now recognized as "2Play" prototype, innovatively separates the vessel's hulls from the desk and superstructure through a passive reactive interlinked hydraulic system, to be honest I don't know what the hell passive reactive interlinked hydraulic system, but it must be something amazing! It said to be providing advanced levels of ride comfort, control, safety and of course a barrel of fun, minimizing the motion sickness. Short of all, this ingeniously designed marine suspension technology is nothing but badass!

Check out the video below to see some cool guys cruising along the waves with the miraculously cool 2play prototype and enjoy!