How Long a Trike Can Be: Limitless!

Here's a question for all of you. Think about it and answer in the comments! If a vehicle is not a limousine or a truck, how long can it be? Or, how long should it be?

Again, it is not a limousine that is originally designed to be long, or it is not a truck that is expected to be long to carry bulky good s. Let's take a trike as an example. Trikes are typically shorter than automobiles, but there are sure exceptions. In today's video, we're presenting you one of these exceptions and it will blow your mind! This is an unbelievably long truck and it is completely real. At the first glance, you may find it ridiculous as such a length has no technical purpose at all, but when you look at it closely you can see how cool it actually is. Imagine wondering the neighborhood on such a monstrous trike and catch all the eyes on. What an unforgettable memory would it be! It's too bad that we do not have any information about the building process or the technical specifications of this unique trike, but seeing it is sufficient to get fun!

Watch the video to see how this crazy trikes rides. You'll enjoy it!