Barrels Of Fun With A Star Wars Movie Themed Ride

It's scientifically proven that being too clean is not always good for our health.

If you're a cleaning freak who disinfects his hands again and again during the day and wash everything you have on a daily basis, then this scientific claim won't mean anything to you, but it's totally true. We need bacteria, too! The bacteria on everyday objects, such as cell phones, cups, doors, window cranks, steering wheel, forks and spoons seeds our gout microbiome and make us less likely to get affected from allergies. It helps a robust immune system and it provides proper functioning of hormones. In a nutshell folks, getting dirty is good and there's no reason to not to say "let's get dirty!" Today's video which is all about getting dirty demonstrates us how dirt and rust can make people crazily happy. Watching this video, you're going to see a weird but strikingly impressive machine which is apparently homemade. A guy rides it like a boss and he gets barrels of fun.

Check out this video of half a minute only, see how enjoyable riding this strangely cool machine and let us know your opinion about it in the comments below!