Primitiveness over Development: 1919 Fordson Tractor Still Works After a Century!

Here's a question for you! Which one do you prefer, primitiveness or development?

It's sure that the answer varies depending upon the matter we're talking about? The questions multiply! What is primitiveness? How do you classify something as primitive? What it is for? Which kind of development? Is development always the wanted? Whatever the questions are, most people will choose development over primitiveness as there's a deep passion and ambition in us to go further and further. In today's video, however, you're going to see something that looks super cool even though it is almost primitive. It is a tractor, may be one of the earliest ones ever built. It's a strong tractor built by Fordson Company in 1919. A hundred years ago! This tractor is completely made up of metal and this metal is all covered with a thick layer of rust. It's so rusty that you can get tetanus even by looking at it.

Check out the video to see how effectively this ancient Fordson tractor works
on the field and let us know what you think about it in the comments.