One Stump, One Tractor: Which is Stronger Huge Stump or the 18hp Compact Tractor?

It's so sad when trees, especially big ones, are cut down! They take root into over the years and they become integrated with the soil.

After some point, it becomes really challenging to pull out these roots that clutch the soil like the claws of a lion hunting a gazelle. Sometimes, axles fail to pull them out. In such cases, it may even require to use strong machines, various tools and complicated setups just like the man in the videos does!

Watching today's video, which is interesting and worthwhile enough to hit more than one million YouTube views, you're going to see a smart man telling us about the setup he will use to pull out a huge, we mean "huge", stamp that has tens of roots hugging the soil. What he uses to do it is a small 18hp compact tractor and a setup with a high mechanical advantage rigging system. In the video, he tells and demonstrates us the details of the setup he uses.

Check out the video paying attention to see if he manages to pull this gigantic stump out of the stubborn soil or he desperately fails! Which is stronger? The tractor with the setup or the stump?