Lanz Bulldog Vintage Tractor

We can be face to face with a historic line of tractors produced by Heinrich Lanz AG - Lanz Bulldog vintage tractor with its antique design, still workable, pre war type and look. Have an advantageous journey through the history with this huge and great vehicle.

As doubtless knowing his type of tractor introduced and became famous for it distinctive design, reliability, and robustness. One of features that characterized Lanz Bulldog was its hot-bulb engine, a type of internal combustion engine. It was simple and rugged, running on low-grade fuels such as diesel or even vegetable oil. The hot-bulb engine worked by heating a bulb or chamber with a torch until it reached ignition temperature. This type of tractor was deal for heavy-duty agricultural tasks such as plowing fields or pulling implements. It was configuring the dual use of the steering wheel. Equipped engine starting with a huge power and it is running with a great sound.

Today, Lanz Bulldog tractors are cherished by collectors all around the world and still being keep through the years. If you are interested in vintage vehicle this video might be useful for you. Watch, enjoy, have joyful moments in this trip!